About me


Born, raised, and live in Mississippi. I love science, computers and technology in general. I am an unabashed nerd. As a child, I was often found dabbling with a chemistry set, performing experiments, or constructing a fort in the woods.

I've dabbled with computers since a young age. My first computer was a Tandy 1000sx. I remember playing around with BASIC, copying and entering programs in by hand from books we had in the house. Or making text rpgs with friends in Turbo Pascal.

I played the trumpet in the band in middle school and high school. I was also heavily involved in a frontier historical society called Frontier Camping Fellowship, as well as the Royal Rangers through my church.

I am now heavily involved in gaming, in particular, I am community leader/influencer for the rogue className in World of Warcraft. I also help maintain a tool for the rogue community called Shadowcraft. I am also a mod developer for Kerbal Space Program.

I have ongoing interests in a variety of topics like aerospace, sustainability, vernacular architecture, physics, nanotechnology, medicine, and nutrition.

About work


Professionally, I've worked in network/computer administration in the Marine Corps while I was enlisted. I went on to study Physics at the University of Southern Mississippi, where I have contributed to published research on Metallic Nitride Fullerenes.

I now practice software development. In particular I have worked on a variety of projects related to the games, World of Warcraft and Kerbal Space Program. I publish and contribute to open source projects mostly on GitHub. I also contract/consult privately and on Upwork.

My resume is available online.