New Year, New Blog

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It’s that time of the year. Time to redo the blog yet again.

This time, I’ve moved everything to wordpress. I wanted the blog to become a place where I can just go publish and not worry too much about the tech anymore. WordPress is the defacto solution to that problem.

This kinda takes a notion off of a general tech philosophy that I’ve been practicing more and more at work. Use a solution you can deploy yourself that works right out of the box. Like Hasura makes building graphql apis very easy to work with, and you can use a managed solution or deploy your own.

I’ve been looking into keycloak as an out of the box, self hostable auth service for similar reasons.

If I wanted to, I could host a wordpress instance myself, but I’m just going to use the managed server from for now. But I think it’s important that is an option.

There are other alternatives, but everything I would want to do will have a wordpress integration. It’s the well trodden path. I’ll save my innovation budget for other things.

So welcome. And maybe say hello. We have comments now!

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