Wow! I haven’t blogged in years. Since about 2005, I believe. My old blog is now long gone. Maybe one day I’ll resurrect those old posts from the internet archives. Not that I think there is much value in it. However, I do believe it has posts about my first attempts at javascript. Who knows.

I have completed the transition of my blog over to Gatsby. One of the reasons I chose Gastby is that I can use my normal React workflow, but it will also statically render all the assets for very fast load times. I had been using manual html files with html imports to handle things like headers and templating. While HTML imports worked fine for the most part, I just couldn’t see myself doing much more than a very basic website with it. It doesn’t seem like HTML imports is really going to catch on any way (probably for good reason).

I knew that I didn’t want to tie myself to WordPress, which would have required me to get a domain name or link away from my GitHub profile page. Nevermind the issues with security. And if I was going to go with a server rendered site, it would probably be on Azure. There is also Jekyll (I misspell it every time it seems), which is what GitHub Pages recommends, but I didn’t want to hitch myself to the Ruby wagon. I already have enough tools to keep track of.

But Gatsby…Gatsby has worked like a charm. I am very happy with the results so far. I am hopeful that this will work out in the longer term. I’ve had tremendous fun putting it together. And maybe this can be an outlet for my many random rants instead of them being squirreled away in random social media posts.

Time will tell.

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